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Rock Crushing

Being a Texas company and knowing how hard it is to clear land in the Texas Hill Country, do to the rocky terrain, we have found the right machine for the job. In 2000, Bushwacker Tractor Service, Inc. began a new service for the State of Texas, free floating rock crushing. The crusher is mounted on a standard agricultural tractor with some added in. steel skid plate protection. With this rock crusher, you can clear your land with mulching type equipment like Bushwacker uses and leave mulch on ground or use a bulldozer.

This rock crusher will work in the mulch or out. We can grind free-floating rock up to 12" to 14" in diameter leaving nothing but gravel behind. With this process we don't remove any material from the site, instead we crush it leaving all the good minerals in the soil. We have found crushing rocks instead of removing them also helps with erosion.

The rock crusher is not a plainer , so it will not grind a rock basin . In loose soil the rock crusher can go as much as 6" to 8" below ground surface. We use the rock crusher for new roads, reclaiming of roads, pasture reclamation, maintenance of gravel roads and much more. For more information please request the rock crusher service CD.

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